Black Rock Bar & Grill

Black Rock Bar & Grill

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After working in restaurants for years, I feel like every restaurant owner has a basic reason for getting started in the industry, whether it be for their long history of working in it, or their long lived passion for food. But every now and again, I hear about a story that’s truly unique. After visiting Black Rock Bar and Grill, I personally found that the story of this restaurant was not only unique, but also had a drop of inspiration in there at the same time. I know you’re just dying to know, so I’ll share Lonny’s story, owner and founder of Black Rock Bar and Grill.

Previous to starting Black Rock, he owned a commercial building in Michigan that he was having a hard time selling. To keep calm in a more or less stressful situation, what better to do than take a trip to Aruba. While down in paradise, he came across an astounding local restaurant where the customer’s food was being cooked on volcanic stone. He hadn’t seen this cooking technique before, so decided to speak more with the ones who ran the restaurant. Ideas quickly turned into reality when Black Rock Bar and Grill was brought to life and back to the empty commercial building in Michigan. This is where things came to life and ever since, they’ve been thriving as much as they’ve been growing.

Black Rock will bring you an authentic dining experience only found at one of their restaurants. To prove it, they’ve been winning best steak in Michigan since their second year open. I speak from experience when I say the entire cooking experience is what they’re all about. You get to cook your own food, and cook it the way that you enjoy it most. No more worrying about that unseen chef in the back kitchen, under or over cooking your’s all up to you. If you’re new to the experience, no worries. Your waiter is there with you as needed to make sure you get the meal you’ll enjoy the most. New to Black Rock, I didn’t feel confident in what I was doing, and thankfully the waiter showed me how to cook my steak on the nearly 800 degree stone, helping me realize how simple it really was. For those of you who aren’t as interested in a stone cooked steak, Black Rock has thought of you to. Also offered are 31 different beers on tap, an array of different seafood options, as well as interesting burgers like their Mac n’ Cheese burger, and even lasagna. Challenge me if you will, but I can promise you Black Rock has something that’ll soothe your taste buds and have you coming back for more.

Today's wild world of restaurants has too many options to remember, so impact through differentiation seems to be key in winning Us customers over. You might think that cooking your steak on a hot stone is what sets Black Rock apart from others, and you’d be least half way right. But Black Rock doesn’t want to be known just for their unique cooking style. Instead, they’re looking to be remembered for the overall experience, and if you ask me, I’d give my experience there a solid thumbs up. I can personally guarantee your dining experience will be unlike any any other restaurant in the area. The waiters care about you, the satisfaction you get from your meal, and that you want to come back.

There’s several locations in Michigan, they’ve finally reached the Chicagoland area, and it seems clear to me that they’ll continue spreading their stone cooked experience across the nation. By the way, their stone cooked steak goes really well with their homemade steak sauce and casino garlic butter, I just can’t stop thinking about it! I know I know, your mouth is watering as is mine, so do something about it and get on over to Black Rock Bar and Grill to fill your belly!

-Albin Hub