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Beans & Sweets

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I know we’re all unique and different from one another, but I think it’s safe to say that I’m not alone when it comes to my childhood memories of sitting on the counter watching my grandparents bake, whether it be fresh bread or a homemade pie. Well it turns out the new owner of Miss Joan’s Cupcakes shares this story with me. Watching her grandparents bake at a young age, she was able to see the time, dedication, and loving care that went into baking something well and worth drooling over.

When starting out in college, making a big life decision like choosing the job you want to do for the rest of your life seemed stressful to her, as it does with us all. Around 23 or 24 years old, she realized that there were such programs as baking programs and was absolutely ecstatic. Remembering how much fun it was watching her grandparents bake, she was hooked. It was time to enroll in one of the programs so she could turn her passion for baking into something worth sharing with the world.

Since becoming the new owner of the bakery, she strives to give customers a fresh outlet. It’s about more than serving food to stuff your face with before continuing your day. This outlet will be all about giving her customers a dim lit comfortable experience where they can feel comfortable taking their time. Most of her customers appreciate getting to know her and the other professional bakers while enjoying some delicious pastries and sipping on a fresh cup of coffee. This bakery has me constantly wanting to come back for the relationship I’ve grown with them, but the food is what really sets it over the top. The owner has 12 years of experience professionally baking from scratch, and there’s never a doubt in my mind that when I purchase a cupcake, it’s going to taste just as good as the last one.

Of course we can’t leave out some of the most requested items off her menu. The most popular items at the moment are her red velvet and her birthday cake cupcakes. She’s constantly having to make sure she doesn’t run out, and luckily most of her customers like trying something new when they stop in. All of the cupcakes here are irresistible little pieces of art. Speaking of irresistible, she also makes macarons. I’ve never had a macaron and maybe that’s why I was amazed at how quickly she runs out of them. She couldn’t stress enough how hard it is to keep her case fully stocked with these little pastries. Every time a kid comes in with their parents, they can’t leave without at least one of the colors that her macarons come in.

In today’s restaurant world, it’s so common to hear how things are made fresh, making it hard to see the value in it anymore. But with this bakery, the menu isn’t just made fresh, it’s made from scratch, just like your grandparents used to make it. The attention to detail at this place when it comes to properly making any baked goods is honestly inspiring. What tops it all off though is that attention given to their customers. You don’t step into the bakery feeling like the next ticket number. They take the time to ask you how your day is going and get to know you so they can build a personal relationship with you.

Odds are if you haven’t been here before, you’re going to walk in wondering what you should try. The menu isn’t very big at the moment, but you’ll realize it’s because there’s been a lot of time spent perfecting the options that they have. They won’t shy away from sharing what all their options are and letting you know what their personal favorites are. Every customer has different taste and because they understand this, customers consistently choose them over others. The experience here is special just as their product is, and I can assure you that this will be your new favorite Naperville bakery. Also, be on the lookout! As a part of becoming the new owner and adding her own personal touch to the bakery, Miss Joan’s Cupcakes will soon become the all new Beans & Sweets. Stop in soon and get to know this wonderful team so you can satisfy your sweet tooth and enjoy some good conversation.

-Albin Hub