Osteria Bigolaro

Osteria Bigolaro

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When was the last time you said “Should we get Italian food from here, or get it from that other place?” Let’s be honest, no one that we actually know contemplates where to get Italian food, it’s always a process of picking one place and going to it. Perhaps this is because every Italian restaurant offers the same old menu, just with a different name attached to the restaurant. That is until now. I’ve finally found an Italian restaurant that offers something aside from the typical lasagna, chicken parmesan, and whatever else you might expect. Owner of Osteria Bigolaro in Geneva, Anthony has finally brought us all something new and fresh when it comes to Italian cuisine.

As a child, Anthony started early in the restaurant business. He used to help out with the family owned pizza shop and as he grew more in love with food, decided culinary school was where he was meant to be. He wanted to bring something unique to the customers plate and know that it was something he’d be proud of building. After a lot of encouragement from family and a good friend of his, he decided to start turning his wheels and began his restaurant.

He means business when it comes to fresh ingredients. You won’t find a freezer in his restaurant because nothing stays for long. All the ingredients used in Osteria Bigolaro are entirely fresh, including the specialty salts, black pepper and red pepper blends that he sources from a local spice shop. Anthony is even in the process of partnering with an entirely organic vertical farmer so he can supply his kitchen with as many fresh ingredients as possible.

You can boot aside the idea of a normal dining experience if you want to eat here. The experience here comes with homie vibes while still presenting a modern touch with the open kitchen cooking style they use. Don’t be fooled though, while this may not be your typical Italian dining experience, it’s definitely new and modernized. After all, we’re all looking for something new, right?

Aside from some of the fan favorite wines (95% of which are Italian), customers also have a fan favorite meal. Instead of the usual spaghetti, the fan favorite here according to Anthony would be his delicious Mafaldine. With the noodles prepared in red wine, this dish also consists of braised short rib, soffritto, a brown butter vinaigrette, breadcrumbs, and pecorino cheese. If this sounds at all unfamiliar to you like it did to me, I’d recommend taking a bite considering how speechless I was after trying it for the first time. If you’re looking for another thing that sets this place apart from the others out there, both the pasta as well as the bread are made in-house. How much different and more original could you wish to get!

Good first impressions mean something at this restaurant and I could definitely pick up on it during my first visit. Multiple people greeted me as they do with everyone, and it seemed that they were well educated on the menu, understanding how to recommend something that I’d be pleased with. After asking, I found out that each member of the team here gets to try everything off the menu so they can easily help someone like myself find something to suit their taste buds. On top of the team being so accommodating, it was nice to see that they also have an array of gluten free and vegetarian options for those who may be on a diet that looks for these sort of foods.

At the end of the day, I think the overall experience will have you coming back wanting their modern twist on Italian cuisine. The team here prides themselves on their quality fresh ingredients, positive energy, and friendly atmosphere. They definitely know what they’re doing and personally, I also liked being able to talk with the ones actually making my food. Oh and the open kitchen concept as a whole was really entertaining while I waited for my meal. They even informed me that they perform live cooking seminars and are looking to start their own cooking show. This place is just full of surprises!

If you haven’t already, definitely give your friends and family a call so you can head over to Osteria Bigolaro...you won’t regret it.

-Albin Hub