Krema Coffee House

Krema Coffee House

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Most of us like to consider ourselves coffee lovers, even if reality says otherwise. But whether you are or not, I’m sure you still pay attention to the rising number of coffee shops in your area. For those of you who are curious, there’s over 31,000 coffee shops in the states and that number is climbing. I’d say that brown little bean has us hooked. I don’t know about you, but with so many options, I find myself feeling sceptical when choosing a shop.

So, how do you choose a coffee shop you ask? I’ll tell you...just as soon as I grab a cup of coffee to satisfy my caffeine fix...

...Okay, I’m back and I feel like I’m alive again!

With all these options out there now, I found a good way to pick a favorite coffee shop and honestly, it’s pretty effortless. Just open your eyes and look at the facts behind the shops story. For example, let’s look at Krema Coffee House in downtown Plainfield. Kacie brought her dream of owning a coffee shop to life toward the end of 2017, planning to bring the finest coffee experience to her area. So, does she have what it takes? I’ll let you have a taste of her menu so you can tell her for yourself, but since you’re looking for my thoughts, I’d say Krema Coffee House is here to stay.

Kacie came to us from Seattle, which we all understand is known for their coffee culture. If we’re looking for someone to start a quality coffee shop, it’s going to be her. After living here for some time, she was surprised to see the community being so underserved within the cafe market. Being that she loves herself a great cup of coffee, she searched and found the opportunity to open up Krema Coffee House.

As a true enthusiast, it’s her goal to offer up the best cup of coffee that she can. While doing so, she empowers her shop by focusing on local and quality products for her menu. You’ll see that this additional level of care goes a long way in providing great coffee and food. Even her syrups for the specialty coffee drinks are local, made from scratch right here in Illinois by a small company that uses natural organic cane sugar. I’ll only tell you this once, but small changes like switching to a quality syrup makes all the difference in the world in how much better your coffee tastes.

Now, deciding her customers’ favorite drink was pretty hard when talking with her just because Krema Coffee is so new and everyone has different taste. One thing that Kacie did point out though was her specialty coffee drinks. She’s noticed they get a lot of positive attention from her customers. So if your taste buds are looking for something new and unique, ask about their specialty drinks or recommend they try making something new that’s not already featured on the menu. They’ll be glad to spin up something new for you, and I’m sure you’ll end up loving it.

Coming from me, you probably won’t just grab a cup of coffee and leave without some food. When you visit this place, it feels like a home away from home, so you mine as well just grab a bite to eat and take a moment to relax. Her fan favorite B.E.C. breakfast sandwich might be a great choice to go with your coffee. It comes topped with brown sugar bacon, gouda cheese, and an egg. And if you’re stopping in for lunch, you might want to try their Krema Club which comes topped with thick bacon slices, oven roasted turkey, fresh spinach leaves, tomato, mozzarella cheese and a house balsamic dressing. Is your mouth watering yet?

When talking about strengths, I think one of this places greatest is their attention toward someone’s first experience. I usually feel nervous walking into somewhere new because these days, you can never be sure that you’ll be treated well. At this place though, I walked through the door and was given a warm welcome by almost every person behind the counter. Trying to give their customers a new experience while remaining organic and comfortable is what they try their best to achieve, and I thought they did a good job at that. They got me to widen my horizons and try something aside from what I would normally get and I didn’t regret it one bit.

I hate to ruin the surprise of what this place looks like on the inside because I’d normally want you to find out for yourself. But what they do here is just too powerful to not share. In trying to find a way to give their customers a unique experience, they decided to shine a light on the local art community so they could have an avenue to sell and share their art with others. So that you always have a visually appealing place to relax, they have a rotating art wall where they display their local made art canvases and pottery. This recognition gives local artists their moment to shine and I think it’s awesome. If you’re more into movies, they’re even starting a monthly movie night so that locals can come relax with one another and enjoy a movie. Next time you’re driving through downtown Plainfield, keep your eyes open and take some time for yourself to stop in at Krema Coffee House, they’d love to have you.

-Albin Hub