Savinos Beef & Gyros

Savinos Beef & Gyros

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Competition on the food market is tough in the modern world, there’s no denying it. But for those few who have been in the food industry for longer than someone like myself has been alive, all is well. Savinos Beef and Gyros has been around for years and has several different locations, but perhaps the best part is that it’s been family owned since the start.

I spoke with Tom, who owns and runs the newest location over in Plainfield off Route 59. After teaching in Chicago for seven years and being nudged by the family to start another location, he finally realized that food and the family business both had his heart. Being a teacher for those seven years has definitely brought Tom closer to those in the community around him. As the owner of his location, he makes sure to keep things natural and comfortable with his guests. Accommodating the guest and their needs is his number one priority and he’ll do what he can to help you find the right choice in his unique menu.

The entirely home-made menu seems to have an unimaginable amount of delicious food options to choose from. Here at Savinos, there’s no messing around in the kitchen. The team gets there early before open for a headstart on making everything fresh, including their amazing home-made sauce recipes. Nothing is precooked so you can always be sure that you’re getting a hot meal well worth the wait.

Most places over do their dining atmosphere to compromise for a mediocre menu. At Savinos, you won’t find that. They made sure to keep their dining area quieter and dim lit so that you can completely immerse yourself in the taste of their quality food.

Among their many options on the menu, some of the most popular ones are their Italian Beef Sandwich, their very filling Philly, and their to die for Gyros. If you’re too busy to swing by and immerse yourself in Savinos friendly atmosphere, Uber Eats is always there to save your day and bring you  any of your Savinos favorites, but I highly recommend you stop in to see for yourself just how passionate this team of people is about the fresh food they put on your plate.