Preservation & Atlas Chicken Shack

Preservation & Atlas Chicken Shack

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When us customers are looking for a new restaurant to visit, it seems that the current trend is to find something different...something with a high cool factor. Just for you guys, I found two restaurants that work together, share the same outdoor eating space, but have completely different menus. If that’s not cool, I must be missing something here. Let’s get more into the details, first getting to know the man behind the magic curtain.

Eight years ago, Lawrence was working in the fine dining sector of the restaurant industry. He had been in the industry for a long time, and even took the extra time to get his level 3 sommelier wine certificate. He was eating, sleeping, and breathing restaurants. For a short period of time, he actually left the restaurant industry to pursue his interests in art. He wasn’t quite sure how he wanted to focus his passion for food, so decided that removing himself from that environment all together might help. Fortunately for us, he found that his love for food was too strong to stay out of restaurants. While his interest in art is still there, he has been able to refocus his passion for food so he can share something delicious with each of us.

It didn’t take much time for him to recognize that he wanted to be his own boss. At this point, he began working and saving so he could be ready for when the right time came along to do just that. Living in Chicago, he understood that the restaurant industry was booming, but he continually gravitated towards a particular building in Geneva. When that right time finally came along, he made an offer on that building, and now we see the one and only Preservation. Once the building was his, a quick decision was made to completely remodel it so the look would fit his vision. Preservation makes their breads entirely from scratch back in the kitchen, and they have wonderful indoor and outdoor seating areas as well.

A few years after opening Preservation, he had the idea of a new menu. It wasn’t a menu that Preservation would offer, so he needed to find a new outlet. I don’t know about you, but I say everything happens for a reason. Right next door, a place went up for sale that the average person might not consider much more than a small closet space. But for Lawrence, this place was perfect. He decided he was going to extend his Preservation family over one more door and open Atlas Chicken Shack where he could serve the new menu.

With Preservation, Lawrence wanted to create something for himself that reflected the foods and dining style that he enjoys the most. More or less, Preservation was a personal art project that he wanted to share with others. With Atlas on the other hand, he wanted to offer something entirely different. He had this idea of serving quality convenience food that could appeal to a different demographic while still being given the opportunity to join the family that Preservation seeks to build. So to this day, they share their outdoor eating area and encourage people to choose the family as opposed to choosing either of the restaurants.

So, what is Lawrence’s preferred dining style? He shows it through the life of Preservation. This place is full of casual and contemporary American style dining vibes. To fit the style, he took a lot of time developing a special menu that doesn’t shy away from elegance, but also doesn’t demand a certain attitude from the guests coming in to eat. Over at Atlas, you’ll find it’s more of a project to show people that they don’t need to come and sit for a meal if they don’t want to. They offer high quality convenience food that satisfies your desire for great food, but doesn’t demand you sit down with everyone else, unless you want that of course. And in order to bring the family even closer together in their outdoor seating area, there will soon be a bar that serves to both sides.

Want a quick taste of some fan favorites? Over at preservation, it can be difficult to choose. Aside from the wines they offer, your plate may choose to be filled with their smoked turkey sandwich, a short rib pie, or maybe even a scallop risotto. Over at Atlas Chicken Shack, the name probably gives away their specialty, which is quite obviously their chicken. Specifically, their chicken sandwich is their cornerstone menu choice. But if your looking for another of their favorites and you want to try something that you likely haven’t had before, try out their fried rice balls. Maybe I don’t get out very much, but I hadn’t ever heard of fried rice balls before, and now I can see why most of his guests pick these off the menu...they’re delicious!

Just like everyone else, you’ll want to visit year round for a hardy meal, but the courtyard experience during the warmer months of the year is what you’ll look forward to the most. The team that built these places does whatever they can to make you feel comfortable, and they want you to see that they don’t have any competitors for a reason. Every employee here gives you a warm welcome to the family and wants to make sure you aren’t missing out on anything. They truly have developed a one of a kind environment for us guests and all of their loyal customers have mentioned they feel like they belong to the family here because of how much the relationship means. Come stop in to your second family, enjoying a bite to eat at the one and only Preservation, or one door over at Atlas Chicken Shack , they’re waiting for you.

- Albin Hub