Lynfred Winery

Lynfred Winery

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If I had a nickel for everytime I was right about saying there’s an alcoholic beverage out there for everyone, I’d probably be rich. There’s so many different types of drinks out there, and perhaps one of the most interesting ones(I speak for myself) is wine. Just like most people, I grew up thinking wine tasted pretty nasty. Now that I’m of age, I of course wanted to see if I still felt the same. Needless to say, I’ll take part in the drinking of wine just about any time it’s offered now. Lynfred Winery was recommended to me by a few close friends, and I was so grateful to be given a full private tour of their main facility and hear more about their story.

The name of this outstanding business comes from the two passionate people who built it, Lynn and Fred. The couple of course wanted to share their passion for wine, but that’s not where it started. Fred came from a wine making family with the skill being passed down over 200 years. In Fred’s family history, his ancestors in Germany used to garden vegetables and trade them at the markets for fruit so they could make wine. When Fred and Lynn met at a country club, they got together and began making wine in the basement of their house shortly after getting married. Fred was 50 years young and definitely didn’t imagine turning his passion hobby into what it is today, but we can all be glad he did.

When I walked into this place as a total newb to wine, it was even more intimidating to see a ton of people enjoying wine tastings, looking like they had a personal relationship with each of the employees there. It almost seemed like a set up to me, but once I was offered a glass of wine and got to observe a little longer, I realized that everyone there happened to be loyal customers...or as I’d call them, loyal family members. I can assure you family members isn’t a bad label for them either, because Lynfred is all about staying family oriented. They push for everyone in the building to relax and build relationships with one another. Drinking wine for them isn’t something that’s treated as a special event or an experiment. Instead, it’s more of a daily thing, seen as a great way to socialize with the people you love being around.

Fred was in the country club business for quite some time, and what he noticed most was the attention to hospitality for the members there. He felt that giving excellent hospitality to your guests wasn’t something that should be lacking in any business, so he was sure to make it a constant point for his team members to mix hospitality with their guests wine experience. More or less, he wanted his guests to feel like Lynfred was an extension of their living-room. Don’t be like me when you walk through the doors for the first time, it’s an easy enough place to relax and get to know a few new people.

I’m no certified wine sommelier as I’m sure none of you are either, so I won’t attempt at explaining the technical differences in their wines compared to others. What I can do however is list out a couple of their flagship wines. If you’ve ever been to a local Binny’s or even some of your local higher end restaurants, you may have looked right at their most iconic signature wine collection. They call it their Vin de City Wine line and they offer it in pretty much every major store for about $11.00 per bottle. Some other favorites are their signature Sangria, their yearly Oktoberfest, and Christmas wine. If there’s not something in there that you could enjoy, you might want to get your taste-buds checked.

I wish I could hold your attention long enough to paint a mental image of how extensive and beautiful this place is, but that would require me to write more of a small book rather than a blog. But that’s okay, because I’m sure you’ll want to try this place out for yourself, and you can let the team know what a beautiful place they have. If you like or want to start liking wine, and you’re looking for a great hospitality experience where you can be educated by those who love teaching it most, go ahead and swing by for a visit in your second living-room at Lynfred. I’ve tried other wineries before going to Lynfred, and I was never treated as well as I was during my visit here. Go relax and have a glass of wine...or 2...or 5….but don’t drink and drive, please and thank you.

-Albin Hub