Oswego Brewing Co.

Oswego Brewing Co.

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My first question when sitting down with someone in the food industry always revolves around the "why".  Typically, the answer revolves around a one man show, but this time the conversation took a different route.  What started as a dream talked up by three guys has turned into five passionate brewers with the same goal in mind. That goal is to serve good beer to the people out there who seek good beer.

Two of the owners over at Oswego Brewing Co. started as homebrewers. They all had what seemed to be an empty dream of taking things further before time slipped away. Thankfully, one of them had an old business plan collecting dust at home. The plan all along was to wait until meeting the right people at the right time, and well, I think it's clear that he met those right people at the right time. Oswego was the perfect location to set up their brewing station. There's a unique laid back feel to the area, and because it was a brewery dessert with a large enough space for them to use, it seemed to be calling their name.

Oswego Brewing Co. has definitely noticed the growing popularity in micro breweries. More specifically though, they've noticed there's more consumers who would like to become more educated, but don't want to feel stupid asking for help. Their goal for every person who walks through the door is to help them find the pleasure and relaxation they're looking for. Enjoying this place is as simple as enjoying a fresh beer in an atmosphere that allows you to slow down and ask the questions you have about their beer, beer in general, and what makes good beer good beer.

I always have a part in these blogs where I point out the menu favorites, and I'd be lying if I said this time around wasn't difficult. They're always trying new things here, so their selection changes from time to time. At the moment, the crowd favorite tends to be their Hay's For Horsez. It's a delicious New England style IPA that is of course, brewed in house, and it definitely leans toward the stronger side at 6.6% AM/. I for one don't typically go for IPAs, but after tossing back a 5oz glass of the stuff, I was addicted to the citrus aftertones and kept wanting more. For those of you determined to stay away from IPAs however, they also have a delicious Marzen Oktoberfest which I thought went down really easily, and they have a Kolsch that they call Spur Line which went down like water. If you're unsure of what the different beers may taste like, always feel free to ask...the guys here want to make sure you'll enjoy what you drink.

First time impressions mean a lot to the guys who run this place. Because of this, they want to offer more than a community for their customers...the want to be seen as a destination. They don't follow the trends that a lot of other breweries have followed, like making new hybrid style beers. They stay true to their original style, easy drinking beer, and their beer is unique to them. To help people see this, they follow a simple service standard. Quality service comes with building great relationships and having great conversations. At Oswego Brewing Co., the go-to conversation is always beer.

There's a few things keeping loyal customers, and it all revolves around their atmosphere. Being here really does feel like walking in the front door of your own home, accept with the added luxury of a vast beer selection. To some, it's a week's end office space, and for others, it's a place where knowledge can be shared, guests can begin to understand their flavor profiles, and friends can be made.

Whether you swing by for a class of beer yoga, or just want a relaxing place to splash your tastebuds with some delicious beer and shoot the sh*t with some friends, I mean it when I say Oswego Brewing Co. is a place worth adding to your list. I'll see you there, just look for the tall awkward guy smiling with a 10oz Oktoberfest in his hand.

-Albin Hub