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Mora Asian Kitchen

Mora Asian Kitchen

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If I’m being blunt, something bothering me about many restaurants in America is the lack of genuine ones. Most restaurants seem to target the masses, and they do so by coming up with these menus that are boring if I’m being quite honest. Most burger joints have the same menu as do Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, and now even fast-food restaurants. I think as the modern consumer begins to grow bored of the same old menus, they’re finally beginning to look for more genuine options. Sure, maybe genuine doesn’t always bring in the same numbers as targeting the masses does, but genuine is more likely retain the customers who like what you have to offer, and that loyal customer base is what will keep genuine alive.

Most people, especially in America dream at some point of owning a restaurant or something in the entertainment business. Jason fortunately turned his dream into a reality and started Mora Asian Kitchen. His job as an engineer gave him a lot of experience designing and structuring restaurants and he quickly fell in love. Not only does Jason have experience in restaurants, but it seems to run in the family. His brother is a passionate chef working mostly in Chicago alongside his sister who actually owned the restaurant. Working together, his sister handled the daily operations and his brother focused on delivering good food. Between all 3 sharing a common interest along with having different skill sets, they decided to team up and start Mora Asian Kitchen.

Their goal is to deliver what they call the Mora Experience. The key components to the Mora Experience are the service, environment, and food. The service and environment bring a piece of Downtown Chicago to the suburbs and they offer a menu that is authentic to Mora. The menu offers a plethora of their take on asian cuisine which I must say is both very tasty and very eye appealing. Everything they are trying to do here is different from where you see a lot of restaurants headed. They didn’t hop on the craft beer bandwagon because they believe strongly in their quality handcrafted cocktails and their more traditional Asian beverages like Saki. They believe strongly in the direction they’ve gone with their restaurant and I must say, now having 3 locations must mean they’re doing something right.

On my first visit, I had no clue what to choose off the menu so Jason took the time to go through everything with me. I asked him to point out the most popular items so I didn’t have such a hard time choosing something. First he told me they had just recently come out with their ramen which was growing in popularity. They even started All You Can Eat Ramen Tuesdays where you can pay a set price to get your bowl refilled every time you finish what’s in front of you. He also told me their Hammer Sushi Rolls were a more recent creation and definitely growing in popularity, or I could go with something like the Brussel Sprouts or Brussel Sprout Salad which were their historical favorites. Seeing that I am not a big fan of brussel sprouts and wasn’t in the mood for sushi, I decided to go with the Ramen and let me tell you…it was absolutely amazing. Tasting the ramen has me hoping they keep it on the menu for good. I even stepped beyond my comfort zone and paired the ramen with my first taste of Saki. The taste was a bit harsh for me at first because I had never had it before, but the more I sipped on it the more I enjoyed it.

Through my experience here, I’m able to see that Mora Asian Kitchen isn’t just a restaurant. They strive to be seen more as a playground for adults and want to market the experience that comes with that. It’s their goal to bring exceptional food, drinks, and people together. To meet this goal, they focus on 3 main areas; their service, product, and ambiance. Focusing on these areas shows Mora is doing everything they can to bring their restaurant to a higher level and if I’m being completely honest with you, they’ve already earned my loyalty after just one visit. I’ll definitely be back for some more of the Mora Experience, and I’m planning to bring a few friends with me next time so we can check out their Late Nights on the weekend. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

-Albin Hub

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