Pete Miller’s Steak & Seafood

Pete Miller's Steak & Seafood

Pete Miller's Steak & Seafood

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Finding good food in today’s world is hard enough. So, when I find good food with a good story to go along with it, you better believe I’m sharing it. I recently had a unique experience at Pete Miller’s Steak & Seafood in Naperville and I’m ready to share their story.

Let’s pedal back in time when an Evanston restaurateur named Steve Prescott had a loyal customer, Harold Miller. Harold Miller is the sole reason for Pete Miller’s existence and his story is quite interesting. Let’s take a peek into the background of Harold leading up to his time as a guest and friend of Steve’s.

In his younger years, Harold was going about his normal life just like any of us. Unfortunately, he was one of the many during WWII who got drafted for the war. During Harold’s time serving, he adopted a dog who he named Pete. He spent a lot of time with that dog, and after developing such a strong bond with him, all of Harold’s friends nicknamed Harold “Pete” and the nickname stuck.

After returning from the war, “Pete” found his love for jazz as he moved to Chicago. It was here in Chicago where he became a loyal customer of Mr. Prescott.  He enjoyed the atmosphere because he could sip on a glass of scotch while surrounded by honest people and good jazz music. After many years as a loyal customer, “Pete” passed away in 1994. As a way to pay their respects to a longtime friend and loyal customer, the restaurant started a new dining location in “Pete’s” name which has finally made its way to Naperville.

The ambiance of Pete Miller’s is drawn from how “Pete” Miller wanted to feel at Mr. Prescott’s other location. From the beginning, they’ve worked hard to create a warm and sincere environment for their customers and do a great job at doing so. They offer a good honest meal at a truly good value and top your evening off with some live jazz music which I personally think sets them apart from most other competing restaurants.

Obviously, a good story doesn’t automatically grant a restaurant the “best food ever” award so all stories aside, let’s talk food. If you’re looking for something on the quicker side, you’ll likely enjoy a cocktail with one of their customer chosen favorites such as the Firecracker Shrimp or Bacon Wrapped Scallops. The Firecracker Shrimp is a tempura shrimp tossed in Sriracha which is pretty amazing if I say so myself. I’ve returned many times for both of these menu choices but if I had to choose one over the other, I’m a sucker for Sriracha. Now if we’re talking more date night or family dinner, your eyes will likely shift toward their entrees. Their meat choices are definitely the most popular on the menu with the two winners usually being their Rib Eye or Filet.

With so many other restaurants out there boasting a menu similar to Pete Miller’s, I just like you wondered why they might be worth it. The answer is quite simple. They do an exceptional job keeping the restaurant cozy without making it stuffy, they host live jazz music 5 days a week, and they hire on personality. While there’s a bit of a fancy feel to this place because of the white table cloths and classy jazz music, the wait staff do a good job at treating their guests equally and as if they’re already regulars. I didn’t feel out of place wearing casual attire and didn’t feel too intimidated to ask for any explanations regarding their menu. It may surprise you, but sometimes that’s more difficult to find than one might expect.

Enough of you waiting around, I’ve spilled out too many words already. It’s time for you to stop in for a good bite to eat at Pete Miller’s, period.

-Albin Hub

Pete Miller's Steak & Seafood
Pete Miller's Steak & Seafood